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Apparently the people who weren’t at orientation were sent the wrong assignment for the first day of class so we got a bit of a reprieve from Ragazzo. It was more than welcome. The syllabus we received has no dates, just the order in which we’ll read things with the rule of thumb that we’ll cover about 15 pages an hour or 45 pages a night. Those are 45 dense and mystifying pages mind you, with the federal rules of civil procedure to be looked up and read as well and briefs to be written. I reread Sibbach v. Wilson tonight for the third time and still come across things I swear weren’t in there the last time. I’m starting to see the necessity of talking it out with other students as you uncover a lot of holes in the process. Even just hashing it out for a few minutes with some of the other folks at the Tailgate in mid-town brought out three things I had overlooked.

I think I like Ragazzo. I don’t doubt that he’s fully capable of taking me behind the woodshed when my name gets called, and I may like him a little less at that point, but fear is an excellent motivator and we need nothing if not motivation at this point. He’s also imminently quotable. My favorite line from tonight – “If you’re not losing money, nothing really bad is happening to you.”

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