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How I’m Learning to Stop Worrying and Love the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

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We’ve finished the first two weeks of Civil Procedure. This is only two days of course, but we’re going by Ragazzo time which means we have three hours of class a night, each hour covering what would normally be the contents of a full class in the fulltime program, ergo, we cover the material for 3 classes (a week) each night. Each hour of class generally covers 15 pages of the textbook, which translates into 45 pages a night which doesn’t count reading the rules (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and briefing the cases.

In the shower the other day I couldn’t help but think that the process of adjusting to the law school work load reminded me a lot what it felt like to train for the cross-country ski team in high school. (Note: to confused Texans; I grew up in Maine, where no one plays football. If you’re not sure what cross-country skiing is wikipedia it.) The progression went like this (1) you had no idea what you was getting yourself into, which was a good thing, because if you did you wouldn’t do it (2) coach made you do things you were pretty sure the human body wasn’t meant to do and that you were absolutely sure you yourself weren’t capable of (3) you did it anyway, even though it really really hurt, because everybody else was doing it and no one had died yet and then finally (4) all of a sudden you got used to it and it didn’t seem that big a deal.

So, I’m hopeful. It’s going to get easier. It’s going to make more sense by the week (Note that one week = one day in Ragazzoland) This too shall pass. Better yet, other things will seem easier, soon enough we’ll be flexing little law muscles we never knew were there.

Assignment for Monday: pp. 69 – 114 in Fields

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