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Civil Procedure, Class Prep for Thursday June 8, 2006

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Today I had the unpleasant and hopefully unique experience of leaving one of my case briefs lying useless on the printer at home instead of helpfully stashed in my CivPro binder where I needed it if called on. (Luckily I wasn’t) If this sounds like not such a big deal, keep in mind I’m not sure I’ll be able to remember my own name when called on much less the facts of the case at hand, procedural disposition, power-granting rules and statutes relied upon as well as the reasoning supplied by the judge or justices in the opinion. I’m not sure it would be all that bad, but I’d rather be fully (i.e. neurotically) prepared than have a cautionary tale with which to scare next years incoming class.

I’ve also expanded my assignment listings to look more like an outline. (I’m planning to use this as a foundation, lest you think this is more for your benefit than mine.) I’ll save my utter cluelessness about what an outline should look like or have in it for another post, though the comments are open if you’d like to clue me in.

Assignment and outline for Civil Procedure (Ragazzo) June 8, 2006 (.pdf)

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