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An observation Chris D. and I noted last night – when Ragazzo asks you a question and you respond, and in response to your response he exclaims “Amazing!” … this is not a good sign. He is, in fact, amazed, but not at something you’ve done well.

Last night was to be the first of many Thursday Night Bar Reviews. Instead I managed just enough energy to drive home without running anyone over and crawled into bed. Weak, I know. I’m also terrified of getting sick before the final. Losing a week at this point would be hard, if not impossible to overcome. I have become a vitamin freak in my paranoia. The one-a-days are fine, in my opinion. I’m very skeptical of the frou-frou, holistic, contains extract of tibetan mountain goat saliva variety, but I’ve become enamored of Airborne recently. I don’t know why they keep bragging that a second grade teacher came up with it, because I know some second grade teachers, but I’m convinced I’ve warded off several sniffles in early onset. I feel great today for instance.

Reading: p. 324-365 Field’s text.

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  1. [...] It tolled for me. I think that’s one of the first times I’ve heard “Mr. Gilman” and realized someone was talking to me – just one of those hey, guess what you’re really an adult moments, like buying socks. The Ragazzo treatment wasn’t so bad. I had read the case. I knew the facts. He let me slide on a point or two. I only got one amazing. [...]

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