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Gold-medal-crazy winner, Charlie Rose interview

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I had missed this article when I posted on the death penalty and Dow’s book earlier – from the NY Times Judging Whether a Killer Is Sane Enough to Die:

David R. Dow, a law professor at the University of Houston who has met more than 75 death row inmates, visited Mr. Panetti at his lawyers’ request. “Of all the people I have met on death row, he’s the gold-medal-crazy winner,” Professor Dow said.

Gold-medal-crazy winner. That cracks me up. I wonder if that’s a term of art or an actual diagnosis? That’s the danger of interviews, you say a lot of things and the reporters just grab what suits their purposes; what’s used is seldom what you yourself would have chosen to go on record with in the grey lady.

In related news, Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker was warming Charlie’s chair on the Charlie Rose show on friday to interview three attorneys with extensive experience in death penalty cases – Bryan Stevenson, NYU professor and director of the Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama, attorney Dennis Riordan, and Beth Wilkinson, a former assistant US attorney.

The video is viewable online on Google Video: Charlie Rose, Death Penalty Conversation, after the Noam Chomsky interview, which is interesting too if you’re into cantankerousness.

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