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People or things that should be sued: Norton Antivirus

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Oh Norton, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways…

  1. for no apparent reason and entirely without justification, you prevent good hard-working computer-using people from performing perfectly routine tasks
  2. you use a ridiculous amount of memory and computing resources
  3. your constant, hyperbolic “warnings” cause gullible users to compute in a state of fear, believing they are under constant attack from hackers
  4. in reality it is just the network traffic of the users’ other programs that you are blocking and calling “attacks”; at times you prevent these other programs from working properly
  5. yet when a real virus comes knocking you are as useful as an aneurysm
  6. at other times you give the hapless user no notice of your nefarious activities; you are a hit and run computer program
  7. some people actually PAY for the priviledge of using you, which fills me with angst
  8. when I identify you as the culprit, this creates enmity and distrust between the user and his computer, depriving said user of the comfort, security and enjoyment of computing
  9. you are like the living dead, i kill you and kill you and yet there you are lurking in the processes

A little off-topic, but consider it a public-service announcment. Also, this applies equally to McAfee. AVG and ClamWin offer high quality, FREE alternatives.

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