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What’s a law degree worth?

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By far the best thing about the WSJ law blog is the comments section, which today featured a lively debate on what a law degree is worth. There are of course any number of ways to measure that. The most useful is to ask, what is a law degree worth to me? as in what do I really want to do and what will a JD mean in pursuing that goal? Of course, few law students know themselves or law practice well enough to make a truly informed decision on that count, but it’s a good thing to be thinking about.

One of the big reasons I am where I am, in the evening program of the University of Houston, is that I know what the legal environment can be like and what debt does to your choices. I’m working full-time and it doesn’t make for much of a social life, but getting out in four years with a JD I expect to be on the same if not better financial footing that I am now, before I get a job, and that’s going to make a significant difference in what I can do. If I want to chase partnership, it will be because I want to, not because I have to. If I want to take a public interest job, that will be my perogative.

Of course there are lots of reasons why it might be worth your $38,000 a year. The law is nothing if not class conscious, but make the means work for the ends, not the other way around.

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One Response

  1. Sofia says:

    Hi Luke,
    I came across your website while searching the internet for Univ of Houston Law School Blogs. I am currently in the application process and am hoping to be admitted to UH for the Fall of 2008. I noticed in this article that you are a part-time law student. I am completely stuck on the fence about whether or not to submit my application as a full-time or part-time student. Without giving more info than you care to give, can you tell me a little bit about your experience as a part-timer?

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