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What are you going to be when you grow up?

One of the unintended consequences of telling someone you’re going to law school is that they immediately ask you what kind of law you want to practice. This would be a perfectly reasonable follow up question were it not for the fact that I have no idea what kind of law I want to practice. Good law? Not-evil law? not miserable, soulless and divorced law? The principle consequence of an honest answer is that you have to endure the ‘nod’ which essentially says, yes, I understand that you’ve said something in English, but I have no idea how to respond to it.

I’ve come up with a couple of stock answers which in reality have relatively little to do with my actual plans, yet suffice to make interesting conversation with well-meaning people. To church-going republicans I am planning on being a prosecutor and then, God willing, a judge who takes a principled stand to combat the tide of judicial activism. To my left-leaning friends, I just want to help people, maybe save a hoot-owl or a swamp or something. To anyone who knows a little about the law I’m looking to get into media law, specifically copyright litigation, and later work my way into general counsel position at corporation with significant media concerns and intellectual property assets.

Every now and then it’s just a random person you’ll likely never see again, in which case it could be kind of fun to screw with them. In this spirit I propose the following conversation-enders which mean you’ll never again have to justify your actual career plans to a perfect stranger.

  1. Scream “I’m going to sue you!” in a high pitched voice and laugh maniacally.
  2. Reply “You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to beat a murder rap” and chuckle maniacally.
  3. do just about anything maniacally
  4. Reply stoically, “Pancho Villa killed my father and stole our land. Some day I will return to claim it.”
  5. “I don’t know, but this place looks nice. Why don’t you go run around near that puddle in the doorway?”
  6. “Wait, did you hear an ambulance?”
  7. “Practice? I don’t want to practice, I just want to do it.”
  8. “I’m gonna sue poor people.”
  9. “Why, what have you heard?”
  10. “Mama says I’m gonna be Chief Judge of the Supremest Court of America”

Desperation Calling

From the ever entertaining Smoking Gun comes this story of desperation as a Tulane law student takes a creative approach to finding a job at a firm. We’ll see if I still think it’s desperate in a couple of years when I’m in Toll’s position.

Last month, he sent 20-30 law firms his resume and a five-page interview request drafted to resemble a legal filing (below you’ll find the copy of Toll’s pitch letter that went to the New Jersey firm Wolff & Samson). Noting that, “I am VERY hungry right now,” Toll promised prospective employers that, “If my mother’s funeral was the day of a key deposition, I would do the eulogy via teleconference after the deposition.”

See a copy of the letter

I don’t think I want to know if this tactic worked. I’m afraid it might have been just what some prospective employers were looking for.

Update: It did.

People or things that should be sued: Norton Antivirus

Oh Norton, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways…

  1. for no apparent reason and entirely without justification, you prevent good hard-working computer-using people from performing perfectly routine tasks
  2. you use a ridiculous amount of memory and computing resources
  3. your constant, hyperbolic “warnings” cause gullible users to compute in a state of fear, believing they are under constant attack from hackers
  4. in reality it is just the network traffic of the users’ other programs that you are blocking and calling “attacks”; at times you prevent these other programs from working properly
  5. yet when a real virus comes knocking you are as useful as an aneurysm
  6. at other times you give the hapless user no notice of your nefarious activities; you are a hit and run computer program
  7. some people actually PAY for the priviledge of using you, which fills me with angst
  8. when I identify you as the culprit, this creates enmity and distrust between the user and his computer, depriving said user of the comfort, security and enjoyment of computing
  9. you are like the living dead, i kill you and kill you and yet there you are lurking in the processes

A little off-topic, but consider it a public-service announcment. Also, this applies equally to McAfee. AVG and ClamWin offer high quality, FREE alternatives.

Rain closes University of Houston

No class today folks. Houston was hit with 10 inches of rain in the span of only a few hours this morning. Streets in the south-east Hobby-airport area are reporting significant flooding as well as some residences.

As much as 10.5 inches of rain was reported by the heart of the morning commute today, said Rusty Cornelius, administrative coordinator for Harris County Emergency Management. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for Houston and Galveston counties until 10 a.m.

Houston Chronicle: Heavy rains prompt flood watch, road closures

KHOU has extended video coverage. Weather predictions for Houston are showing more rain throughout the week.

Jennifer Granick, Wired Legal Columnist, Granick Slate

If anyone has an interest in practicing law on the frontiers of technology, as I do, then Jennifer Granick’s Wired column is a can’t miss.

She also keeps her own blog choc full of interesting, useful information. I’m particularly enamored of the Granick Slate (see an example here .pdf) which outlines the issues in front of voters in every upcoming California election along with straight-forward, insightful and witty advice. It’s like getting a good talking-to from a more knowledgable person just before you enter the polling booth.

I really wish someone did this as effectively for Texas voters. If anyone knows of a similar resource, please let me (and everyone else) know in the comments.

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