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It is finished

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Ah, nothing like a law exam to remind you of how much you didn’t figure out. We came, we saw, we answered, or at least tried to. If the jurisprudence I displayed were to be given any credence, it would most certainly be considered activist. As Ragazzo is fond of quoting, “Nothing so focuses the mind as having to make it up.” I have absolutely no idea how I did. I would be ecstatic with a B. I think most of us were so happy to have it over with that grades haven’t even crossed the minds of many of us. On to criminal!

Some of us are heading up to Austin this weekend to decompress on the lake. Hopefully none of use will need to learn the intricacies of insurance law or maritime jurisdiction quite yet as that will mean we’ll have sunk Tamara’s Dad’s boat. If I get to it I’ll post my outline and whatever other impressions I had of the exam.

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  2. [...] We finished civpro last week. A few of us headed up to Lake Travis to rest and recuperate. Needless to say, I’ll avoid elaborating on the details until certain statutes of limitations may have run. We got back just in time for our first day of Criminal law with Sandra Guerra-Thompson. [...]

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