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Any victory pyrrhic for MySpace?

Also keeping a close eye on the myspace inadequate protections case, Jonathan Frieden provides excellent analysis of the pyrrhic elements of a victory for MySpace, noting -

However, to make MySpace a truly profitable venture, as News Corporation must surely have intended when it paid $580 million for the site, it must appeal to traditional advertisers with larger budgets. Those advertisers are unlikely to pay for placement on a site that has been called a “predator’s playground” and is associated with acts of violence, drug use, sex crimes, and pornography on a nearly daily basis.

MySpace Safety: E-Commerce to the Rescue

US Copyright Code in Verse

Yes verse, as in poetry. Breathtaking in ambition and somehow triumphally devoid of useful application. I’m nonplussed.

Law School Faculty Blogs

I’ve noticed two high profile law school faculty group blogs come online fairly recently and imagine we might be witnessing an emerging trend. I believe the University of Chicago may have been first to the party and they are joined last month by Georgetown University. Very interesting stuff on both. Let’s hope some others will follow, perhaps UHLC? Who knows? Dean Nimmer is a blawger. That can only bode well.

Enter the Healing Circle

We finished civpro last week. A few of us headed up to Lake Travis to rest and recuperate. Needless to say, I’ll avoid elaborating on the details until certain statutes of limitations may have run. We got back just in time for our first day of Criminal law with Sandra Guerra-Thompson.

In less than a week we have gone from the religious experience of realizing you could kill a perfectly good case for a purely procedural screw-up to reading about Innuit healing circles. While we left many of Ragazzo’s classes wondering if we could ever be right, I left tonight’s class wondering if there was such a thing as being wrong in crim law. First impression, granted, but it will be interesting to adapt to the change in teaching styles. The incentive to slack may be hard for some to resist.

Lawyer dies and goes to heaven…

Can’t believe I forgot to post this – From WSJ Blog, Posted in Comments by Soul-Crushed Attorney

Someone told me a joke once, that really is a great parable for being a summer associate.

Lawyer dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter isn’t really sure what to do with the guy becuase they never get lawyers in heaven. So he makes a deal with him that they’ll let him spend a week in hell and then one in heaven and then decide where he’d like to spend eternity.

So, the lawyer goes to hell. Gets off the elevator and there are all his friends. They’re having a great time. The Devil is a nice guy, his minor minions are carting around drinks. They play poker, go out and golf, basically live high on the hog for a week.

Then he gets on the elevator and winds up in heaven. He spends a week there and it’s fine, but not real exciting – floating by on a cloud, playing a harp, etc.

So at the end of the week he comes to St. Peter and says “You know I never thought I’d say this, but Hell was just a lot more fun. I’d like to go to Hell.”

So he gets back on the elevator and the doors open in Hell and now there are lakes of fire, and his friends are covered in boils, and the Devil is a jerk, and the demons are sticking him with pitchforks. And he says “I don’t get it, when I visited before you were so nice and we had a great time. What happened?”

And the Devil replies “Ah then we were recruiting you. Now you work for us.”

I actually love lawyer jokes, so if you have any you’d like to share please send them along.

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