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Free access

One of the reasons I was excited to go back to school, other than the usual improving oneself, starting a career, blaw blaw blaw… is admittedly shortsighted and near term – free access to the Wall Street Journal. I’m a bit of a news junky. I read the NY Times and the Houston Chronicle and Christian Science monitor every day, occasionally the L.A. Times, Boston Globe and the San Antonio Express-News, all freely available on the web. Only one publication thwarts my attempt at omniscience – the WSJ with their dastardly $79 a year subscription. I’m all for capitalism and fair market value for information but I don’t have $79 a year to blow on the WSJ.

The UH library, however, employing their slightly pinko communal tendencies, gives all students online access to the Wall Street Journal through library website.

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feeds (I get US News, US Business, and Health)
  2. When you see something you want to read, fire up the browser and point it to the WSJ page in the UH Online Journal system (proquest).
  3. Sign in with your last name and the number on the back of your Cougar ID. If you have cookies turned on most browsers will keep you signed in so you only have to do this once.
  4. Then browse for the article by date or search by keyword.
  5. Reading the WSJ for free is 11.5% more enjoyable according to the latest economic indicators.

Law School GPA Calculator (part-time)

I just whipped up a spreadsheet that I thought I would offer up. Punch in credit hours and grade to calculate GPA over the course of the entire 4-year evening program J.D. Use Excel if you’ve got it, otherwise, upload the .xls into Google Spreadsheets. Easily rearranged to full-time if needed. Any errors or suggestions, leave a comment or e-mail me.

Download the spreadsheet: Law School GPA Calculator (part-time)

Nesson on cyber-rhetoric, new class at Harvard

Harvard Law Prof is teaching a class on “cyber-rhetoric.” The promo video (above) pretty much speaks for itself, but I particularly like‘s assessment if only for its novel use of “batshit insane” which I for one will do my darndest to help introduce into the American lexicon as both nonsense and self-reflexively appropriate.

Another illustration of the deleterious consequences of having anything to do with academia.

The Jurisprudence of Chuck Norris

  • It is impossible to sue Chuck Norris for battery because whatever force he uses is always reasonable.

  • Chuck Norris can recite ERISA from memory, word for word, but he never does it because ERISA is so boring.
  • Congress once considered amending the Federal Rules of Evidence to make anything offered by Chuck Norris automatically admissible.
  • Chuck Norris invented the common law.
  • Chuck Norris does not need consideration to enforce his contracts.
  • When the law of negligence first developed, liability turned on what Chuck Norris would do. The standard for conduct was later lowered to the “ordinary and reasonably prudent man.”
  • Chuck Norris used to own Blackacre, but burnt it down for the insurance.
  • Originally, the idea of separation of powers was a reference to the fact that Chuck Norris has two different fists.
  • Chuck Norris has unlimited peremptory strikes, which he exercises by melting prospective jurors with his mind.
  • Justice is blind because Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked her in the face.

From, as best as I can tell, Law & Alcoholism – A Theory of Jurishprudensh

Julian Simon, the Doomslayer

Nothing law-related about this in particular, but Jen brought this up last night at Volcano’s so I thought I would link to it.

Wired Magazine: Julian Simon, the Doomslayer

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