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Fun things you can do on test day

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AIM session from today. Our exam is in three hours. Electronic Bluebook is the exam software you have to have to use a laptop on the exam. Otherwise you have to write it by hand.

[14:40] Houstonian D (dave): The school is still using Electronic Bluebook, right?
[14:42] lukethetexican: no, we totally changed. didn’t you go to the new orientation last week?
[14:42] lukethetexican: i wonder if they’ll make you write it
[14:42] Houstonian D (dave): I don’t remember any notice for that orientation.
[14:42] Houstonian D (dave): Son of a #@#$% b%$#@.
[14:43] lukethetexican: you’re too easy
[14:43] Houstonian D (dave): %$$#@$ %$##, you bastard.
[14:43] Houstonian D (dave): I was about to make a string of angry phone calls.
[14:43] lukethetexican: classic
[14:44] lukethetexican: beth is wondering why i’m crying right now
[14:44] Houstonian D (dave): screw u, dude. screw u.

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2 Responses

  1. SAQ104 says:

    Playing with people’s mind when they are are under stress…tsk tsk..

  2. Dave says:

    I need to start a blog (blawg?) just so that I can post the endless pranks that I will be playing on you for the next three years.

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