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NY Times on factor of race in adoption

Rhetoric around the issue has softened considerably since the National Association of Black Social Workers, in 1972, likened whites adopting black children to “cultural genocide.”

Wow. Let’s hope so.

NY Times: Overcoming Adoption’s Racial Barriers

UH Blawger Anastasia loves study carrels

It’s a foreign concept to us evening kids but if Anastasia’s all about the study carrels, I’m happy she’s getting some satisfaction from the powers that be.

From Think like a Woman. Act like a Man: I still love UHLC…

Fun things you can do on test day

AIM session from today. Our exam is in three hours. Electronic Bluebook is the exam software you have to have to use a laptop on the exam. Otherwise you have to write it by hand.

[14:40] Houstonian D (dave): The school is still using Electronic Bluebook, right?
[14:42] lukethetexican: no, we totally changed. didn’t you go to the new orientation last week?
[14:42] lukethetexican: i wonder if they’ll make you write it
[14:42] Houstonian D (dave): I don’t remember any notice for that orientation.
[14:42] Houstonian D (dave): Son of a #@#$% b%$#@.
[14:43] lukethetexican: you’re too easy
[14:43] Houstonian D (dave): %$$#@$ %$##, you bastard.
[14:43] Houstonian D (dave): I was about to make a string of angry phone calls.
[14:43] lukethetexican: classic
[14:44] lukethetexican: beth is wondering why i’m crying right now
[14:44] Houstonian D (dave): screw u, dude. screw u.

Time to have saq104 civilly committed

Exhibit A ;-) I hear Rusk is actually quite nice this time of year.

Department of Education recognizes reality

I ran into this at orientation. You have a list of ethnicities and you’re supposed to check one. I left it blank as usual.

As immigration and intermarriage are redefining race across the country, a growing number of people who cannot easily place themselves in one category have become increasingly frustrated with having to do so. The 2000 census allowed people to circle multiple racial categories; 2.4 percent did so.

With its proposal, the Education Department is also seeking to capture that population. But the move raises intriguing questions on how educational progress among different racial groups will be monitored, and how the new categories may skew long-term studies of the racial achievement gap.

Proposal Adds Options for Students to Specify Race

MicSpics of the world unite.

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