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Nancy Rapoport joins the MoneyLaw Blog

I got a note from Jim Chen tonight that UHLC’s own Nancy Rapoport has joined the MoneyLaw blog I mentioned in a previous post. I’ll be looking forward to her thoughts, as for better or worse, she’s perhaps in the best position to speak to the pros and cons of the current law school ranking regime, given her experience in Houston.

I met Dean Rapoport only briefly at an event prior to the start of our first semester, but I’ve run across more than one student who was greatly impressed by her personality and wit. Looks like she will be leaving UHLC following her sabbatical.

I’m currently a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center (and the former dean there, from 2000-2006); after my year’s sabbatical, I’ll be moving to the Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, where I’ll become the Gordon & Silver Professor of Law.

As one if her first posts indicates, being a law professor is every bit as bizarre as being a student,

Vote Shannon for Legalese Humor Column!

He’s a funny guy. Exhibit A is the humor contest in Legalese. I’m glad you agree. Kindly send an e-mail to with Shannon Quadros in the subject line.

After you’re done voting check out the most recent issue of Legalese (.pdf), some interesting things in there. More later.

In time for halloween…

A cautionary tale for law students from Anastasia. Caution, not suitable for all law-students. May cause discomfort and exacerbate already neurotic behavior.

Any reason, besides the obvious, that law students and lawyers are so batty about Halloween? Not a rhetorical quesiton, feel free to clue me in.

Reminder: General ELSA meeting, tomorrow in TUII 240

As posted previously, Mike Fletcher and Pat Yoder of Fletcher Yoder Law will be speaking on the practice of IP law and other matters. They will be joined by Dan Krueger of Conley Rose and Louis Iselin of Akin Gump.

Guitar tablature

Music publishers have taken up the copyright jihad in a similar manner to their recording industry brethren, threatening lawsuits against websites that host guitar tablature. From the NY Times –

The publishers, who share royalties with composers each time customers buy sheet music or books of guitar tablature, maintain that tablature postings, even inaccurate ones, are protected by copyright laws because the postings represent “derivative works” related to the original compositions, to use the industry jargon.

The publishers told the sites that if they did not remove the tablatures, they could face legal action or their Internet service providers would be pressured to shut down their sites. All of the sites have taken down their tabs voluntarily, but grudgingly.

Now the Music Industry Wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing

Two interesting things about this (1) music publishers you’re just finding out about this now? there’s an industry on the bleeding edge of technology… (2) wow, people really pay for that? Whatever happened to picking it out by ear?

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