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UHLC E-mail Flame Wars

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As one quickly learns, law school is a boiling cauldron of latent argumentativeness ready to boil over at any moment. The e-mail system is set up to allow group e-mailing by section, which is quite convenient if you need to get info out quickly. At times it’s a little too convenient. A derogatory comment to an event announcement set off a reply-all-out flamewar this morning. In true law school fashion, it has now devolved into an argument over split infinitives. And I quote…

One should most certainly not learn to not split infinitives, as there is no such rule in English, despite what you may have been told. “The only rationale for condemning the construction is based on a false analogy with Latin.” The American Heritage Book of English Usage (1996), available at Fowler generally agrees. “The English-speaking world may be divided into those who neither know nor care what a split infinitive is, those who don’t know, but care very much, those who know and approve, those who know and condemn, and those who know and distinguish.” Henry W. Fowler, A Dictionary of Modern English Usage (1926).

Ah law school…..

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One Response

  1. SAQ104 says:

    The whole flamewar also reminded me how juvenile some students can be. The posting of their pictures in the e-mail too was just ridiculous. I guess some people never get past being 5years old. Split infinitives my left foot!

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