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Harvard Law revamps 1L Curriculum

Harvard announced a broad set of changes to its first year legal curriculum. It will be interesting to see if and how other schools follow suit.

From the NY Times article, Harvard Law Decides to Steep Students in 21st-Century Issues -

Students will still have to learn some of the classics, like contracts, torts and criminal law, but will spend less time on them. They will be required to take in addition a course in legislation and regulation; one of three new courses dealing with international law; and a course on legal problem solving, in which they will prepare for resolving clients’ dilemmas rather than analyze abstract legal issues.

Harvard’s Press Release

Project Posner

via Kirkendahl, Project Posner is dedicated to “make freely and easily available to the public Richard Posner’s largest and greatest body of work — his judicial opinions. The database contains opinions from 1981 to 2006. It will not contain the most recent opinions.”

University of Houston Law Profs Join the Blogosphere

Back in July I crossed my fingers and blogged that I wished UH would follow Chicago’s lead and create a faculty group blog. Looks like my wish came true – the faculty is starting to post at For updates sign up for the RSS feed.

Now blogging on

I’ve just hit submit on my inaugural post for is a group blog of law students from all over the country, created by Professor Jim Chen, Associate Dean of the University of Minnesota Law School, as part of the Jurisdynamics Network.

More later on the posts I put up there, but it’s really exciting to be a part of a community of law students outside the UH silo and generate some cross-polination of ideas and impressions.

UHLC Law Professor Sudoku


Just a little geekery on the weekend. I’ve created a Sudoku game with the headshots of UH law professors swiped from the law center website. Play the University of Houston Law Professor Sudoku

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