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Life without Law (for a little while at least)

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We took our torts final last night so I’m beginning my slow rehabilitation to rejoin society. Today, for instance, I have focused on reminding myself that pointing out potentially negligent behavior to people is not as welcomed as one might think. Same goes for areas of potential landowner liability in people’s homes. Also, I’ve come to realize that torts-related jokes are not even funny to law students much less to the ‘normals’.

I’ve been catching up on my feeds. Brown Boy somehow broke his RSS feed, so he is now dead to me. Apparently he and Ana were talking coffee shops. Ana does a good round up of Houston’s study-conducive coffee shops. Ana likes Cafe Artiste. So does Brown Boy. Brown Boy, however, readily admits to sitting there reading torts with ear plugs. This is now exhibit A in my argument for the need for the re-socialization of law students.

I’ve been to neither Cafe Artiste nor Agora, though I’ve dutifully put them on the list of places I’ll now futilely try to remember the names and locations of the next time I’m driving around looking for a coffee joint. I see her Cafe Brasil and Empire Cafe and raise her the Empiresque but less see-and-be-seen Daily Grind on Washington and Shepherd, Julie Victoria on University and Greenbriar and Solento on Rice Blvd in the village. Incidentally, I think I’ve built up some sort of weird caffeine tolerance, since I’m having to work harder and harder for my fix, but really, it’s not a problem. I can quit any time I want.

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