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Getting to know you…

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Chase did another around-the-room-introduce-yourself session which we, being law students, managed to turn into an introspective caucus on our worth to society. Thompson did this in crim law and yet I am still amazed at the things I don’t know about the people I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time with. First, people have been or are in the process having babies all over the place (And I thought I was stretching myself really ‘thin’ with extracurriculars like mock trial). Secondly, we have not one but two recovering Russian studies majors. Third and fourth, a cellist and a theologian have been lurking in our midst. Once again I’m awed by the talent and personality of the folks I spend my evenings with. Sadly, I found out we lost a few of my favorite classmates to the more pressing circumstances of life. Y’all will be missed. :-(

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6 Responses

  1. McClard says:

    I hate those intros. Everyone has all these fancy bullshit names for their positions and I am the only person in the class who can’t come up with one.
    Alas, I am merely a writer, humble and gentle, honest and alone.

  2. lukegilman says:

    Oh, c’mon, every section needs a John Grisham, er….. Philip K. Dick to convince us there’s still a sliver of hope we’ll someday escape to some less soul-annihilating manner of making a living, right?

  3. lukegilman says:

    At least you can say you’re a ‘technical’ writer, though that does sound vaguely ‘Dilbert-ish’

  4. ERA says:

    Hmm… there is something about people that leave comments on their own blogs…especially within one minute of each other.

  5. lukegilman says:

    Well, Earned Run Average, there is something, isn’t there, and yet here you are reading my comments when you should be reading contracts. ;-)

  6. Sean John says:

    As for Russian Studies, I don’t think of myself as recovering…I’d rather think of myself as being beautifully equipped for the world that no longer exists.

    Cool blog.

    Sean John–A.K.A. Sean “Pudgy” Graves (Not Sean “Puffy” Combs)

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