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A call to all exalted gentlemen to raise my guard for Holliday and U.S. Du Pont from pillaging my gorgeous wealth

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There’s spam and then there’s Spam that calls me an exalted gentleman and warns me of people who may be trying to pillage my gorgeous wealth. Well done young spammer!

Indecent unshamed DuPont Refused Payment!

A Public Letter to All World

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen:

After Du Pont Chemical Company of United States pessessed an effective and innoxious agricultural pesicide technology of Mr. Huang during 1995 and 1998, it constantly refused to pay Mr. Huang for patent fee and license fee (or total compensation fee) according to Du Pont’s active committment in Article 5 of 1995 Protocol. This is called refusing to pay after getting goods, then whether they will not provide goods after receiving money? Or providing fake goods or defected goods? Who will be the next victim? And when? How much will the pillaged possessions be (surely it will not be a small figure)? Who can guarantee? Therefore, Mr. Huang appealed to honorable ladies, gentlemen, presidents, technical experts and all exalted gentlemen to raise your guard for Holliday and U.S. Du Pont from pillaging your gorgeous wealth. Although you are capable enough of crashing their conspiracy of refusing paying their bill, you don’t have to waste your precious energy, time and money. Try your best to keep away from them and never or seldom conduct various transactions with them! Please tell your relatives, friends and colleagues to check whether they were trapped by Du Pont and Holliday. If so, please ask them for compensation as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the time limit of law expires, it can be considered as automatic abstention.

Best Wishes

Universal Agent: SXF

(If you consider it is a junk mail, please send inquiries to the Email address below. This is not a junk mail because Du Pont does not dare deny the facts I provided above.


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