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Orin Kerr on What makes a Good Law Exam Answer

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Law students around the country recently received their fall semester grades. Students are often puzzled about what professors are looking for on exams, so I thought it might be helpful to offer some thoughts on what makes an answer bad, good, or terrific. Obviously different professors look for different things, but my guess is that what works for me is relatively close to what works for other professors. Abstract guidance on how to answer exam questions is easily found and usually pretty useless, so instead I’m going to conjure up an imaginary law school class with an imaginary exam. I’ll then grade an imaginary set of five different answers and explain what makes the different answers better or worse.

Volokh Conspiracy: Bad Answers, Good Answers, and Terrific Answers

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One Response

  1. Sean John says:

    Nice to see you and some of my classmates the other day. Sorry if people took my e-mail the wrong way. I’ve already gotten hate mail. It is a workable solution to increasing tuition and Tier I status. I know our class is mature enough to see that as for some in the other full time sections… well like I said I’ve already recieved hate mail. I’ve been trying to get the administration to go for it for two years.

    I hope to see you guys in the summer if possible. Meanwhile I’ll be trying to keep your tution from going up and help some veterans and servicemembers in the mean time. I can at least do that for the class eh? I wish all in the class luck on your finals.

    Take care,

    Sean “Sean John” Graves

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