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Life of a Law Student is one of the most impressive feats of stick-to-it-ness I’ve witnessed in a long, long time. The title appears in fact to be a clever misnomer because clearly no one who has done the amount of work evident on the site could hope for any life to speak of at all.

It’s the creation of Neil Wehneman, currently a 2L at Indiana University School of Law, who decided to create a podcast out of what are essentially class notes, as Wehneman “re-lectures” on the classes he’s currently taking. Think poor-man’s Sum and Substance but in much greater detail and from the perspective of a student. While the idea of being lectured on a subject from a student who hasn’t even finished the class (or gotten a grade in it), in Wehneman’s dedicated hands, it’s remarkably useful.

One of the problems with Sum & Substance (and the textbook for that matter) is that the professor/author is an authoratative source. He says something is the law and we tend not to question it because after all, what do we know? He (or she) is the professor.

Listening to Life of a Law Student is more like having a conversation with someone else in your section. This is, I’ve found, one of the most useful and yet underrated activities you can engage in in law school. Verbalizing your ideas and impressions forces you to engage the material at a deeper level than you do merely by studying. You discover this the first time you get called on in class, when you realize you didn’t know the material nearly as well as you thought you did.

You also get to discover things about the ideologies of your classmates – who are the left-wing nutjobs (save the whales) and who are the right-wing nutjobs (sue the whales). This may come in handy later if you find yourself nominating someone for something. You wouldn’t want to screw it up would you?

Pre-Law? Thinking about going to Law School? Just not sure it’s for you?

If you’re a pre-law student and you just want to know what it’s all about, pick a subject like Property and plow through it. If you’re still interested after Track #12 or so – Congratulations! your high threshold tolerance for boredom or actual interest in arcane subjects that bore most mortals to tears indicates a strong disposition for law school. You’ll like it here. Come towards the light…

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One Response

  1. The lifeofalawstudent blog is fascinating. The former DJ in me is impressed with the audio engineering and sound editing. The law student in me is amazed at the clarity and depth of the notes. This kind of stuff takes an awful amount of work and effort and if nothing else this bunch needs to be applauded for doing something for the good of the masses. Why they could almost be those left-wing nut jobs almost, as you so lovingly described.

    The interesting thing about professors being authoratative with the law in particular is that you can almost get away with any answer because half the time there is no good answer. Engineering professors can’t fudge things like that. Law professors get awards for doing it. It’s called the excellence in Socratic Method award.

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