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The Law Firms Working Group, Empirical Analysis of Law Practice

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Bill Henderson, law professor and blogger extraordinaire at The Empirical Legal Studies Blog has launched The Law Firms Working Group Website at the University of Indiana Law Center. The goal of the project is to “advance our knowledge and understanding of law firms, and private practice generally, through systematic and collaborative empirical research.”

The Working Group is a collaborative research network of scholars who focus on law firms and the legal profession. We currently have 38 members drawn from a wide array of universities and disciplines, including law, sociology, economics, business, and political science. Our institutional sponsors are Indiana Law and the American Bar Foundation (ABF), which is the leading independent research institute for the empirical study of law and legal institutions.

A quick look at the projects page has made me very excited about the prospects for the Group, as does Henderson’s involvement. His previous works on legal education are must reads for anyone interested in the subject.

  • Law Firms and Pro Bono
  • The Professionalization of Large Firm Management
  • Lawyer Mobility
  • The Changing Geography of Global Law Firms
  • Interaction Between Law Firm Structure, Hiring, and Partner Promotion
  • Race and Gender in Large Law Firms
  • Globalization Strategies of U.S. Law Firms
  • The Career Trajectories of Young Laywers
  • How Do Corporate Lawyers Add Value: Reducing Transaction Costs or Avoiding Regulation?
  • How Do Markets for Lawyers Influence the Production of Law?
  • Patent Lawyers: Exploring a Community of Practice

Career Services – are you paying attention to this? This stuff is what inquiring minds want to know.

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