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How to find out if the Supreme Court granted cert in your case? ScotusBlog

The University of Houston Law Center website had an interesting bit of news last night. The United States Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari in response to a petition filed by Brent Newton, an Assistant Federal Public Defender who also teaches at the Law Center. This was my favorite part, however -

Prof. Newton said he was surprised when he clicked to a Supreme Court website ( and learned of the court’s decision to grant oral argument in Gonzalez v. United States.

Hold on, the best way to find out the Supreme Court of the United States granted cert in your case from a BLOG? We have entered a braver, newer world ladies and gentlemen.

SCOTUSblog is a tremendous resource and should be on every law students RSS feed. Written by a cadre of Supreme Court appellate specialists, it offers the usual insightful commentary and does a great job of case watching from filing to opinion, with lots of great resources thrown in. Newton’s petition, for instance, is available on SCOTUSblog here.

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