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Texas Bar YouTube Video Contest Wraps Up

As I noted previously in State Bar of Texas, Texans on Justice Video Contest, the Texas State Bar sponsored an interesting YouTube video contest with a $2,500 grand prize. Eleven entries were submitted by the deadline. Here are a few of my favorites.

YouTube: Texans on Justice

A Sign of the Times – Pleading guilty, students blame tuition costs for robbery

I’ve been beating this horse for a while, but I’ll make the case again – college tuition increases across the country are outpacing inflation, detering some students from pursuing advanced degrees or college altogether, driving up debt for those who persevere, sending graduates down unrewarding career paths purely to service their debt and preventing large numbers of graduates from pursuing less lucrative careers in areas society needs young new workers the most.

… and now it’s driving us to lives of crime.

Houston Chronicle: News Bizarre – Pleading guilty, students blame tuition costs for robbery.

They made off with $130,000, which isn’t a bad haul as bank robberies go. I hope they were attending a public school though cause that 130 big ones just barely covers the average four-year cost of private college for just one student.

Doonesbury, Laptops in the Classroom


Doonesbury, Laptops in the Classroom

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