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Confronting my Inner Law Nerd

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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Law Nerds occupy a peculiar place in nerd taxonomy. We generally retain the capacity for normal conversation and our fixations on particular theories of judicial interpretation are easily mistaken for the same types of political positions that the normals have.

We can thus avoid detection for long periods of time until our condition is at some point abruptly revealed when we forget ourselves in moments of agitation or excitement. For instance, I once witnessed a recent Chicago law grad who revealed his law-nerdness to a group of frightened acquaintances in a bar when he went berserk at the mention the ‘post office’. Not everyone who mails a letter recognizes their tacit support for an evil monopoly actively undermining fabric of our society.

Such a moment came for me not too long ago, when in my excitement about a certain blawg-igarch teaching at Houston next semester, I forgot who I was talking to. “So you look like look you’re about to pee your pants because there’s this law teacher who’s coming and you like, read his website where he talks about law stuff?” Um… well… not so pathetic sounding as such, but yes, yes, that’s about right. I won’t reveal the identity of said prof until after I register for classes lest I kill my chances for getting in, but more later.

I suppose admission is the first step to recovery

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One Response

  1. lukegilman says:

    Sigh… the cat’s out of the proverbial bag. Sasha Volokh (younger brother to Eugene) will be teaching at Houston prior to heading off to Emory.

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