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Houston Law Review, Spring 2008, Vol. 45 No. 1

The Twelfth Annual Frankel Lecture





Reasonable Doubt, Todd Dupont and Mark Bennett host Harris Count DAs Kelly Siegler and Murray Newman

Harris County Criminal Lawyers’ Association’s Reasonable Doubt television show, February 21, 2008. Hosted by Todd Dupont and Mark Bennett; … all » guests Harris County Assistant District Attorneys Kelly Siegler and Murray Newman.

Reasonable Doubt TV, Todd Dupont and Tate Williams host Judge Pat Lykos

HCCLA’s Reasonable Doubt TV show. Hosts Todd Dupont and Tate Williams; Guest Pat Lykos.

Reasonable Doubt TV, Todd Dupont, Tate Williams

Reasonable Doubt with Todd Dupont, Tate Williams, and two Harris County Civil District Court candidates.

Supreme Court Inc

Rosen, a law prof at George Washington University, offers an insight in the business of Supreme Court. On one hand it traces the ‘conservativation’ of the Court, a concerted effort to steer the Court to the right by judges, academics, and most importantly, Presidents. At another level, it recounts the professionalization and increasing sophistication of Supreme Court practice and a way of strategizing that goes well beyond winning or losing any one case.

the transformation of the court was no accident. It represents the culmination of a carefully planned, behind-the-scenes campaign over several decades to change not only the courts but also the country’s political culture.

Highly recommended.

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