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A very, very, very, VERY odd burglary


See the included image for a tale of the strangest burglary I’ve ever heard of. The copy, from Akron Beacon Journal, the is a paean of understatement that gives me hope yet for the state of modern journalism. What I wouldn’t give to defend or prosecute this case.

Perhaps the more interesting question is – If this were a movie, who would direct it? Coen Brothers for my money. Though I could also see David Lynch.

Via pax-europa by way of popurls.

I’m Back (to blawging)

One of the best things about law school for me has been to discover that I’m capable of working harder, longer, faster than I previously thought possible. That being said, I think I definitely found my limit the last few months. The combination of full-time job, law school, moot court competition, law review responsibilities (paper, cite checks, MODs &tc), and student orgs had me pretty firmly under water. Rather than a series of pathetic “I’ll be back soon” posts, I decided to disappear for a while, like the deadbeat dad who goes out for cigarettes one day and never comes back.

Congruent with that analogy, I return remorseful and shamefaced and discover that my metaphorical children (my toe-headed little blogs) now hate me and refuse to work properly with the old custom theme (lots of php errors and the like). We’re in therapy but until I figure out what went haywire, I hope you’ll endure the default WordPress circa 2003 blog themes that I’ve had to revert to. It makes the recovering graphic designer in me want to puke but until I get some time to pimp my site again it will have to do.

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