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Rick Casey is going away for a long, long time

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Rick Casey’s column Who I’ll hire if I’m caught in today’s Houston Chronicle caught my eye for this rather stultifying comment –

Renowned defense attorney Dick DeGuerin said last fall she did just that when, based on circumstantial evidence, she won the conviction of David Mark Temple for killing his wife.

“Kelly Siegler has finally done what Richard Haynes predicted she would do,” said DeGuerin, who represented Temple. “She has convicted an innocent man.”

That’s what I want in an attorney. I figure if she can convict an innocent man, she can keep me out of trouble.

I don’t know what’s more appalling about that statement – the Lykos-esque logic or the idyllic notion of courtroom reality it reveals – that defense attorney Kelly Siegler would receive the same kind of treatment she has enjoyed as a prosecutor and that in fact, the craft of prosecuting and defending are interchangeable if not the same. Hire Kelly Seigler were to represent me? I guess that would happen only if by some snowballs chance she were assigned my case as the last public defender on earth – at which point we would know the apocalypse was upon us and then well hell, why not?

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4 Responses

  1. [...] Luke Gillman beat me to it, though, with Rick Casey is Going Away for a Long, Long Time: [...]

  2. lukegilman says:

    Siegler’s not the only one weighing their options at the prosecutor’s office, notes Brian Rogers in Houston Chronicle’s Prosecutors hedging their bet

  3. lukegilman says:

    New Houston blog Harry Lime’s Houston wants A blunt instrument in the DA’s office.

    I don’t want to hear all the crying about rights and prosecutors being too tough, or all the cooked-up racial crap. Don’t care. It’s pretty simple really. Break the law, get arrested and mean prosecutor puts you in jail with help of a panel of citizens. Let’s see. Then, you get three squares a day and all the appeals you can ever hope for, and all at my expense. Yeah, let’s worry more about the criminals.

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