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The Waiting Game…

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All over America law students are wait for grades to come in. As 1Ls these seemingly have apocalyptic consequences – these are the grades you interview with, get on to law review or another journal with, that decide if you spent part of your summer writing a 30-page note, etc. These grades can take forever and for good reason – I had approximately 60 classmates in my section 1L year, over a 3-hour exam, it’s not at all uncommon to churn out 15 or more pages. That’s 900 less-than-scintillating reading for professors to look forward to. I for example, took my last exam on May 2nd and just today received the grade on tuesday (June 10th I believe).

The way of the law school world being what it is, there’s not a whole lot an impatient student could or would want to do to hurry a professor along. I couldn’t help but laugh at this plaintive comment on the Volokh conspiracy, for a post by George Washington Law Professor Orin Kerr -

A comment to this

I will no longer read any Orin Kerr blog until he finishes his grading for last semester.

We love you Professor Kerr, but we need our grades.

-G-Dub Student

Ah, anonymous threats of blog-boycotting, I doubt this would inspire the good professor to grade any more quickly than he already planned, but it did at least inspire a response -

[Deleted by OK: Check the Portal, Blog strike, as all my grades have been submitted. And good luck at the firm this summer!]

It makes me wonder what it would look like if David Lat sat down and wrote his version of the Paper Chase for today’s law school. ;-)

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