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Is Slate Magazine America’s Leading Law Review?

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David Schleicher says yes and I tend to agree with him. Here’s his case –

I think it’s safe to say that [Slate] has become America’s leading law review. In the past year, Slate has run stories by Bruce Ackerman, Ahkil Amar, Frank Bowman, Bill Eskridge, David Fontana, Richard Thompson Ford, Bennett Gershman, Jack Goldsmith, Rick Hasen Orin Kerr, Neal Katyal, Marty Lederman, Eric Posner, Jamin Raskin, Jim Ryan and Kenji Yoshino (and I’m sure I missed a few too). And that doesn’t count the extensive writing by Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick on the Supreme Court and other legal issues, or the Convictions blog, where a large number of law professors (including Jack Balkin, David Baron and Doug Kmiec among many others). In total, Slate has published more articles by legal academics than any law review, and because of the blog, probably more total words (I haven’t counted or anything – I’m just eyeballing) by law professors in the past year than any other publication.

Slate is a daily must-read for me. Convictions for one and my personal favorite, the Supreme Court Breakfast Table. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The comments supply some compelling answers for why this is so, mainly founding editor Michael Kinsley (Harvard Law) and publisher Cliff Sloan (Harvard Law, Stevens clerk).

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