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Arizona State Law Student Goes to the Mattresses for Laptop

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I think any law student would easily see the cost-benefit analysis at work here –

Arizona State University student Alex Botsios said he had no problem giving a nighttime intruder his wallet and guitars.

When the man asked for Botsios’ laptop, however, the first-year law student drew the line.

“I was like, ‘Dude, no — please, no!” Botsios said. “I have all my case notes…that’s four months of work!”

This intrepid 1L threw caution to the wind and fought off the intruder. I’ll use this opportunity to make a plug for my new favorite app, Syncplicity, which automatically backs up my laptop’s files and syncs them both with my destop at home and to a secure online server available with a username and password. It’s one of the final stages of getting to the point where I’m truly hardware independent – aside from a few applications, I can work just about anywhere in just about any environment.

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7 Responses

  1. PT-LawMom says:

    I love this. Hilarious! And thanks for the techie tip. :)

  2. So I’ve been using, which I love, for the past 5 years to back-up my data online quite seamlessly. My one gripe with them is that as storage has exploded and the price per MB of storage has dropped so much, they haven’t expanded the amount of data you can back up for the price they’ve been charging. I pay about about $25 a month. I’m checking Syncplicity out and am also toying with Carbonite. I don’t really need the sync part as much as I need the back up. Tell us more Gilman. There might be a referral and an extra 2GB of storage in it for you.

  3. PT-LawMom says:

    I’d like to hear more about other options you’ve looked into. Unfortunately Synplicity doesn’t work yet with Macs. Anyone found a good Mac-friendly solution?

  4. I hear Carbonite is developing a mac solution that if it isn’t out already should be by the end of the year. You might want to search the MacWorld forums for suggest Mac backups.

  5. lukegilman says:

    Syncplicity released their pricing at $9.99/month for 50GB, pretty competitive from what I’ve see and more in line with the recent drop in storage costs. Mostly I like the fact that because you can sync to other computers and download at will they aren’t just a ploy to extort a large amount of money from you to recover your data once it’s lost like so many of these companies are. They also had a 100GB option but I don’t see it on the site right now, maybe just a beta offer.

  6. lukegilman says:

    I figured mac users were just too cool to back things up. They just got some venture backing, so perhaps a mac version is not too far from reality.

  7. [...] Luke Gilman at The Blawgraphy links to a story covering an Arizona State University law student who fought off an intruder to protect his notebook containing all his notes from the semester. Luke points also highlights an application that automatically backs up files stored on a laptop in case some does hap…. [...]

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