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Copyright in Hitler’s Globe

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hitlers-globeAssociated Press

In 2007, Robert Pritikin bought Hitler’s globe and had it copyrighted to “to keep it from being used in propaganda by sick neo-Nazi groups.” After noticing a replica of the globe in the new Tom Cruise flick Valkyrie, about a real-life plot to assassinate Hitler, Pritikin has threatened legal action…. for copyright infringement.

So I guess Hitler was quite the innovator when it comes to globes…. it looks nothing like these I suppose…

via Sazzy B

So in my rather elementary understanding of copyright, the creator of an original work has exclusive rights for a certain statutorily determined time period. Hmmm…..

Am I missing something? Did Hitler make the damn globe?

“Pritikin believes the globe should be used as a teaching tool so the lessons of Hitler’s nightmare can keep history from repeating itself,” said investigator Paul Barresi, who was retained along with Dan Hanks to look into the copying of the globe. Hanks tells Page Six: “Tom Cruise’s use of the globe’s likeness without our client’s permission was likely just an oversight. We’re confident this will all be quickly resolved out of court.”

Pritikin recently put the Hitler items up for sale through businessman Peter Marino and hopes Cruise may buy them. “I think it would be a wonderful gesture of good will on Tom Cruise’s part to purchase the globe along with all of the other Hitler artifacts owned by Mr. Pritikin and donate them to the Wiesenthal Center,” Barresi said. Added Hanks: “It would be a hell of a way for Tom Cruise to save the day for United Artists and be a real-life hero.”

A hero to Mr. Pritikin I’m sure.

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2 Responses

  1. Jansen says:

    Hilter’s globe probably shows the Nazi empire… I think that’s the difference.

  2. lukegilman says:

    That’s a reasonable assumption but it begs the question – I could understand how Hitler could get a copyright in his Nazi empire globe, but Pritikin, in 2007?

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