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Law School Briefs…

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The Shark asks is law school a more formative experience than undergrad? – kegs vs. more kegs. I disagree; law school is far more formative.

Patrick at Nuts and Boalts accused of a smartphone faux-pas, defends his Crackberry agaisnt the iPhone-igentsia

Prof. Orin Kerr interprets the tea leaves in Thoughts on First-Year Law School Grades at Volokh Conspiracy.

Recent grad Peanut Butter Burrito had her first trial (an asylum hearing) and won.

Red Shoe Ramblings posts Law School Lessons. Looks about right.

Luis Villa’s hypothetical grandchild asks him “grandpa, where were you when Obama was sworn in?” – jury duty, it turns out; I’m oddly jealous. They never pick me.

The War of All Against All remarks on the Doe Eyed Enthusiasm of 1Ls.

No. 634 is excited about a fifth-year associate in the D.C. office of Jenner & Block, who just had her very first oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court; I would be more excited if I had my first oral argument (in any court) before my fifth year as an associate.

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2 Responses

  1. Luis says:

    Jealousy is a fairly common reaction amongst lawyers (unlike everyone else). it does seem odd that there is no good way to get lawyers that experience, which should be so critical to understanding the 'real' justice system.

  2. lukegilman says:

    My favorite lawyer-as-juror story comes from a federal public defender who was put on a jury in a state criminal case. It turned out the prosecutor thought a 'public defender' was some sort of FBI agent. We obviously don't have state public defenders in our jurisdiction.

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