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Video: Van Vleck Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition at George Washington School of Law

The refining fire of a 1L moot court argument is a time-honored ritual at most law schools. Those who find some perverse enjoyment in the experience go on to competitive moot court tournaments all over the country and even the world. I’m getting ready for a trip to Hong Kong for an international commercial arbitration competition myself later this spring. For students it’s an opportunity to engage legal analysis at a deeper level by wrestling with a particular fact set and testing it in an adversarial process. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities I’ve had in law school and a source of tremendous confidence as a clear demonstration that hard work and expert guidance can get you to a point of competence that your first year of law school may not have lead you to believe you had in you.

We ran across an excellent example of such a competition on C-SPAN of all places, who televised George Washington’s Van Vleck Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition in which non other than Justice Antonin Scalia hear the arguments in the finals along with Judge Marsha Berzon of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. C-SPAN finally made the video available on its website as noted by Orin Kerr and Howard Bashman.

There is more information and results on George Washington website on the 2009 Van Vleck Finals and Sua Sponte Blog. I was particularly happy to see an evening student among those arguing.

Audio: A Judge in Full – Personality and Jurisprudence, Judge Alex Kozinski talks with David Lat

A few weeks ago David Lat, of Above the Law fame, sat down with the Hon. Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge, 9th Circuit for a conversation at a Federalist Society event in Los Angeles. The audio is available below and on the Los Angeles Fed Soc website.

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HYPO: Who owns the (notes about the case about) the fox?

Posted to Slashdot, A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?

“I found this question with far-reaching implications in the off-topic section of a forum I frequent: ‘My economics teacher is forcing us to give up all of our work for the semester. Every page of notes and paper must be turned over to her to be destroyed to prevent future students from copying it. My binder was in my backpack, and she went into my backpack to take it. Is that legal?’ Besides the issue with private property invasion, which was the trigger of that post, there is much more important question: Can a teacher ask a student not to retain knowledge? How does IP law relate to teaching and sharing knowledge? Whose property are those notes?”

Coming to a courtroom near you?

Quantifying The State of the Legal Market

West Law Peer Monitor Economic Index (PMI) is a comparative business intelligence reporting for law firms. Mark Medice has a description of the product and the data it provides on the Westlaw podcast.

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On Blogging: Weeding the Draft Garden

Although I abhor New Year’s Resolutions in general, my one exception this year is to weed the ‘draft garden’ of my blogs. WordPress, like most other systems, allows you to save posts as drafts, ostensibly until you come back to publish them. The problem is that I so seldom get around to that last part.

Over the winter break I took a stroll through the debris of my former intentions – links and fragments of ideas, phrases that never found a post-worthy home and more horrifically, even fully-formed posts that I had slaved over but had never gotten around to hitting publish, now stale and stillborn.

So this weekend I have been going through with a metaphorical scythe cutting down old drafts like so much chaff, plucking out a few that could be published right away or else condemning them to the void.

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