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Alternatives to Legal Careers: Snake Proofing

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It’s good to know what you’re giving up when you embark on a career in law. Consider what you could have been, had your guidance counselor only informed you of the exciting opportunities available in the ‘snake-proofing’ of hunting dogs.

A footnote for Lipper v. Weslow, 369 S.W.2d 698 (Tex.Civ.App. 1963) in Dukeminier et al’s Wills Trusts and Estates contains the following

Julian Weslow, Jr., became a professional dog trainer, famed throughout Texas and the Southwest for “snake proofing” hunting dogs. The dog is given a zap of electricity through an electric collar when the dog sniffs a defanged rattlesnake, which strikes at the dog simultaneously. Sometimes the dog leaps two feet straight up, but in any case the dog quickly learns to give snakes a wide berth thereafter.

Lest you think this is a remnant of times past, allow me to point you to as well as Dobbs Dogs handy do-it-yourself snake-proofing article.

How’s that for recession-proof employment? Should you insist on becoming a lawyer despite now knowing that snake-proofers exist, may I suggest combining your two loves in a niche practice in snake-proofing liability suits.

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