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Video: EULA for Friendship

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Still having that dream…


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Comparing the Features of the Top 50 Law Review Websites

I’ve compiled a comparison of distinguishing features of the Top 50 Law Review Websites during my tenure as Internet Publishing Editor for the Houston Law Review. When I undertook the position nearly a year ago, my main purpose was simply to see what other legal journals were doing with their websites and to formulate the best practices for my own. As the internet becomes increasingly important to the dissemination of legal research, I thought others might also benefit from a more comprehensive treatment. Hence the spreadsheet. The list was created from the most recent Washington and Lee Journal Rankings. Please feel free to e-mail me with errors or omissions. Also, feel free to reuse the data with my permission for any purpose you wish.

Year Of Law School Now Mandatory For Nation’s 25-Year-Olds

The Onion: Year Of Law School Now Mandatory For Nation’s 25-Year-Olds

WASHINGTON—Under the provisions of a bill approved by Congress and signed into law Tuesday, every 25-year-old American, regardless of prior life commitments, is now legally obligated to enroll in a full year of study at one of the nation’s accredited law schools. “This new measure gives us the means to compel 25-year-olds to simultaneously placate their parents, impress their friends with complex-sounding legal jargon, and effectively avoid any real-world responsibilities for another full year,” said Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN). “We can think of no better way for our young people to squander their postcollegiate aimlessness.” Congress is reportedly seeking further legislation that would provide for an additional nine months of grumbling over LSAT prep, and up to five years of whining about paying off student loan debt.

Coasian Response to New Regulations


P.C. Vey, New Yorker Cartoon, “These new regulations will fundamentally change the way we get around them.” (Two businessmen talk in office at desk.)

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