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Demetri Martin, the Almost Esquire

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Law students frequently develop a ‘sixth sense’ with which, instead of seeing dead people, they see lawyers, everywhere. Or sometimes we see people who almost became lawyers. That can be just as frightening.

Exhibit A: Demetri Martin

Of all the decisions that have led Martin to this particular moment—the time he decided to drop out of NYU law school to become a comedian, even though he’d never done stand-up before; or the time he was flying home from L.A. after finding out NBC had canned his sitcom; or the time he attended his father’s funeral and realized, at age 20, just how short life is and how easily it can all disappear—perhaps the most significant was the time he decided to teach himself to write with his left hand. “I looked at my hands and thought, Why is it so hard to write with my nondominant hand?” he says. “What am I taking for granted in my regular dominant hand?” So for two months, he decided to write only lefty. This is the kind of challenge he habitually, almost compulsively, creates for himself. “His whole life is meticulous,” says his friend John Oliver of The Daily Show. “That’s his means of getting through the day. He lives his life like some kind of Greek mathematical genius. But try ordering with him in a diner.”


The trailer from the show:

A personal note to future employers: no worries, I’m not very funny, at least not intentionally.

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