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Courtoons, Bryan Garner’s Nightmare


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Law School Rankings Game: One Step Forward, Four Steps Back?

After becoming a poster child for the pitfalls of not playing along with the law school rankings, the University of Houston Law Center made a rapid climb back up the rankings from a low of 70 to 55 last year. This year we ‘slipped’ to 59. or did we?

In comparing the leaked numbers to the 2009 numbers I wondered what the difference was. UHLC was tied with a host of folks at No. 55 last year with a raw score of 49. The school actually improved for this years ranking, increasing the raw score to 50, but was vaulted by other schools such as Case Western, Pepperdine and Kentucky. Moral of the story: just as good or even just a little bit better, is no longer good enough.

To the pre-L’s: I’ll leave the larger discussion of the efficacy of deciding where to go for law school on the basis of ranking for another day. On the one hand, it’s a rough proxy for the collective wisdom of other prospective law students – it’s always a fairly safe bet to move with the herd. On the other hand, that ranking number, as objective as it may seem to the uninitiated, is a fairly arbitrary measure when comparing schools within 20 or so spots of each other, and those numbers are going to move, sometimes a lot. There are lots of other (valid) reasons to decide where to go to law school (cost, location, subject area of interest, being admitted, etc) – if you haven’t decided where you’re going and why, it’s not too late.

Resource Guide to Moot Court and Oral Advocacy

Ever since my own first hamfisted attempt at a moot court argument during my 1L year, I’ve been meaning to post a list of resources for other law students. As useful as many of the articles and books can be, there’s no better way to learn than by watching. I’m pleased to see that many competitions are posting video of their final rounds on YouTube.

If you’re just starting out with oral advocacy I recommend that you seek out and watch as many rounds as you can. YouTube is great. In person is better. Just watch and listen to as many oral arguments as you can – you learn equally from the good and the bad.

U.S. News Rankings in the Wild, UHLC 59 and 19

The newest round of U.S. News and World Report law school rankings are slowly trickling out in advance of their official release date on April 23rd. For those interested, the University of Houston Law Center is at 59 and debuts at 19 on the new part-time program rankings.

Glimpse of USNWR Part-Time Program Rankings

Partially previewed here. D.C. anyone?

1. Georgetown (D.C.)
2. George Washington (D.C.)
3. Fordham (N.Y.)
4. American (D.C.)
5. George Mason (Vir.)

Video below:
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