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The Summer Before Law School, Reading Lists

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The UH Law Center posts a recommended reading book list (.pdf) for the summer for the gunners-in-waiting. I’ve read a number of them; some were wonderful, others useless. Your mileage may vary. Reviewed below:

A glaring omission:

  • LawyerBoy by Rick Lax (Highly Recommended part law school diary, part coming of age story, it pretty much nails the inside view of law school for the vast majority of us. The sole caveat is that it was pretty good exit strategy from actually having to practice law; opportunities for emulation may be limited.)
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4 Responses

  1. [...] Gilman of The Blawgraphy has a breakdown of the University of Houston Law Center’s 1L reading list. Good points on most of those books, but I’m more bullish on One-L and Getting to Maybe than [...]

  2. I really enjoyed reading Scott Turow’s 1L. If nothing else it gave me perspective on the dying Socratic method and made for a pretty good story. I agree that most if not all law school help books (including the much touted Getting to Maybe) are relatively useless and of little help.
    I favor books that deal with the reality of law as much better insights and highly recommend Indefensible by David Feige and Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis.

    Bramble Bush, if you can even get your hands on a copy since its been out of print for eons, was so onerous to read it made Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged seem like Us Weekly.

  3. lukegilman says:

    I can’t believe I missed Turow’s 1L. I couldn’t agree more, even if it is a little dated.

  4. [...] The Summer Before Law School Reading Lists: Make the most of the time you have before you’re bogged down by schoolwork to get some great preparatory work done. [...]

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