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The U.S. Supreme Court 2.0 – SCOTUS Requests a Website Redesign

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As noted on SCOTUSblog, the U.S. Supreme Court has submitted a proposal to bring the U.S. Supreme Court Website in-house, from its current home at the Government Printing Office. The proposal itself (.pdf) is quaintly entertaining.

The Court’s current Website at GPO is nine years old.

Pardon me as I clean up the coffee I spit all over my monitor. That’s about 810 people-years.

The system is outdated and must be upgraded to more current technology (both hardware and software) regardless of whether it remains at GPO or is brought into the Court.

You don’t say.

In 2002, the Court deployed an Internet network for web browsing, and in 2004 the Court expanded and upgraded the infrastructure and capacities for web services and Internet-based email.

An Internet network for web browsing…. in 2002… my, my, the l33ts on the Rehnquist court.

Use of the Court’s Website continues to expand. In January 2009, there were 18,765,000 successful “hits” to the site. This is a 100% increase over January 2008. Over the years, as Internet technology has evolved, the public has increasingly sought more web-based information about the Court in a more timely fashion. The Court has determined that it can best meet those requests by moving its Website in-house and integrating it more closely with its other activities. That transfer will enable the Court to better control and manage the Website and to be able to expand the data and services provided by the site more efficiently.

As much as I might like to see what the Supreme Court website would look like under a Carl Malamud-run GPO, this is probably the natural evolution to a Court willing to do more on the web. I welcome SCOTUS 2.0.

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One Response

  1. tcselander says:

    Although I haven’t surveyed other federal websites, the Court’s website is in dire need of updating – it looks like it was designed by a sophomore in high school.

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