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Butterflyfish Owns Blackacre: or Why It Matters What You Learn in Law School

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There is a gradual but eerie transition in law school in which your circle of friends transforms from gaggle of law students to bevy of lawyers. While obvious and expected, it’s still strange to see the people you remember bombing on panel in con law or going down in flames in the mandatory 1L moot court argument now clerking for a federal judge, keeping people out of prison or getting paid several hundred dollars an hour to flail around in the case law on some obscure cause of action. The problems and stresses of law school now seem laughable. As one of the partners told a friend who recently passed the bar “Congratulations on becoming sanctionable!”

One of my frequent reads in law school, the pseudonymous Butterflyfish makes the transition clear with my old nemesis, property, in her recent post I own Blackacre:

Currently, I am reading about topics covered in first year real property. Fee simple subject to shifting executory limitations, that kind of thing. Its like studying for the bar exam again, except now it really matters that I get it right and there are no multiple choices. I spent an hour today combing through the first restatement of property. Tomorrow, I am going to read some more restatement and then I am going to go through more real property treatises. So armed, I will then delve into the case precedent, most of which will probably date from the turn of the century. I am pretty sure I am going to get to drop a footnote regarding the rule against perpetuities.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need to know this shit in the real world, kids.

So as the ‘left behind’ in law school gear up for finals, let us re-remind ourselves that we may have a client, sooner than we think, depending on our ability to master the subject. I am now outlining with all deliberate speed.

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