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Why I Love Police Cruiser Cams

Since police patrol cars started using in-car cameras in the 1980′s (see whitepaper on the progression of the technology), they’ve become ubiquitous. Combined with YouTube, they’re contributed to the entertainment of millions, in addition to showcasing the often harrowing working conditions of the men and women in blue. The latest to make the rounds is a video which police allege shows an accused bank robber purportedly eating the demand note.

Volokh Conspiracy, A Snack Incident to Arrest; Josh Blackman

Sometimes the officers themselves provide the entertainment.

More often than not, it’s the idiocy of the public they’re sworn to protect that provides the entertainment – from my home state of Maine (un-bleeped version). The accents really crack me up in this one.

Lawyers and Holiday Cards


It’s holiday card sending season in lawyer land. Texas Lawyer’s John Council shared the holiday card he received last year from Alexander Dubose Jones & Townsend, an appellate shop in Austin, Houston and Dallas, with the note “ADJT takes the opportunity to briefly wish you all an appealing Holiday Season.” Kevin and Robert Dubose help teach an excellent Appellate Advocacy class with Randy Roach at the University of Houston Law Center. Highly recommended for UHLC students.

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