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You know you spend too much time on the internet when…

You need advice on Tax Treatment in Second Life and World of Warcraft. I suppose the same is true when upon reading that article you conclude that (1) tax law might actually be sort of interesting after all and (2) wonder if that might not be an interesting niche practice.

CLE Presentation: If Your Firm Doesn’t Have a Website, It Doesn’t Exist

I’m presenting with Debra Bruce at the Houston Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section on February 22, 2007.

Lawyer Coach Website: If Your Firm Doesn’t Have a Website, It Doesn’t Exist.

Judge Posner in Second Life


Judge Richard Posner and I will be kickin’ it in Second Life. Actually, I will be sitting and listening quietly as the Pos expounds on the US Constitution in the era of apocalyptic terrorism.

December 7th, 6-8pm Second Life Time (PST)
Center Auditorium in Kula
To reserve a seat, IM Creative Commons’ Genevieve Junot or e-mail her.

via Boing Boing, New World Notes

Nesson on cyber-rhetoric, new class at Harvard

Harvard Law Prof is teaching a class on “cyber-rhetoric.” The promo video (above) pretty much speaks for itself, but I particularly like‘s assessment if only for its novel use of “batshit insane” which I for one will do my darndest to help introduce into the American lexicon as both nonsense and self-reflexively appropriate.

Another illustration of the deleterious consequences of having anything to do with academia.

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