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Another Hilarious Lawyer Commercial (Parody)

Hat tip to Chuck Newton.

Car Crash Lawyers – Mary Flood swims with the sharks

Mary Flood swims with the sharks on the Legal Trade Blog and at the Houston Chronicle, ahead of some upcoming CLE courses entitled “THE CAR CRASH SEMINAR”. The subject of advertising came up, as it must in all conversations about Jim Adler.

Donald Kidd, a former Fulbright & Jaworski lawyer who works with Adler, said the firm advertises looking for folks who don’t know lawyers. He said the ads mentioning dollar amounts don’t run anymore. Kidd, who has a sterling reputation as a trial lawyer, will teach a UT seminar section on evaluating which cases a car crash lawyer should take. “There are people out there who respond to the advertising and those who don’t,” Kidd said.

From Fulbright & Jaworski to Jim Adler. His mother must be proud.

Tough Smart Jim Adler is hammerin’ away on myspace as well. The copy from his website is, and I quote, “Do you have a myspace account? Let me be your friend. You never know when you might need a lawyer.” Let me be your friend?

Houston Chronicle: Ads pivotal for car crash lawyers, Legal Trade Blog: Car Crash Lawyers Scramble

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