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CUNY Law: How to Anger your Friends and Alienate People

The folks at the CUNY Law Blog are getting hassled from their alma mater about the name of the blog because the administrators are worried the blog could be ‘misidentified as official communication from CUNY’. They would prefer the blog be named something like CUNY Law Students’ Blog. It’s not an altogether unreasonable request and rather pleasant as cease-and-desist letters go. In typical lawyer-like fashion however, CUNY admins have managed to simultaneously fix an imaginary problem, piss off their students and future alums, and stake a claim for douchbaggery across the blogosphere. As with any story, I’m sure there’s another side to this one, which I’d be interested in hearing. At this point, it’s quite a coup for the anti-PR department at CUNY law.

Plaintiff Moves for an Erection

As hard as it is to believe, this motion was actually argued in an actual court –

New Haven attorney Rob Serafinowicz opened his civil case against former Middlebury First Selectman Edward B. St. John by asking Judge Jane S. Scholl to force St. John to submit to a photograph of his penis, fully aroused.

Who needs Boston Legal when you’ve got Rob Serafinowicz?

Above the Law: The Plaintiff Moves for an Erection

SueEasy, So Easy It Can’t Be Good, Really

From Artful use of clip art guys.

I have a feeling SueEasy is joining the ranks of Avvo and OverLawyered in websites lawyers love to hate. The premise is an interesting one. The implementation….. not so much. I would be interested to know if there are any lawyers out there thinking – ‘wow, what a great idea.’ For prospective litigants I’d be a little skeptical of what showed up on my door after posting my “case”.

Utilize the power of our state-of-the-art web application, to make your voice heard. Forget the Yellow Pages, Forget tedious internet searches, Forget making frantic countless phonecalls! With SueEasy only relevant lawyers interested in your case will contact you themselves!

As for potential litigators – talk about a hairball generator. (cracked ipod screen? credit card terms are ‘nuts’) Looks like a race to the bottom on both sides to me.

I’ll be interested to see if this thing gets off the ground. Despite Michael Arrington’s general protestations, Ambulance Chasers Have A New Home, SueEasy, SueEasy Goes Live – Your Class Action Lawsuit Lottery Ticket, TechCrunch is the biggest PR campaign SueEasy’s got going for it.

What’s not immediately clear is how they plan on making any money. Leads are apparently free for lawyers-

Do you or your Law Firm need more cases? Improve your earning potential exponentially by subscribing and advertising to our database of cases. Constantly updated with fresh litigants! Join now.. for FREE!

(OK, so buried in the FAQ they state they plan on charging lawyers a monthly subscription for advertising and marketing eventually, though it’s apparently free for now.)

Lise Olsen delves into story behind Judge Kent’s reprimand and transfer

Houston Chronicle investigative reporter Lise Olsen, who made a name for herself reporting on the case of Ruben Cantu, has turned her sights on Federal District Judge Sam Kent in an in-depth article – How far did this federal judge go?

The reprimand issued by the 5th Circuit judicial council which placed Kent on paid leave and transferred him from Galveston to Houston was serious enough to pique speculation but left the details up to the legal community’s very capable imagination. Olsen reveals serious allegations indeed, centering on sexual harassment of court employees.

Chemerinsky’s long, strange trip to UC Irvine

Noted constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky was lured away from the University of Duke Law School to become the inaugural Dean of the newly minted University of California at Irvine School of Law. That is until UC Irvine Chancellor rescinded the offer, citing criticism from conservatives. Apparently there is at least one person who was unaware of Chemerinsky’s liberal views.

Seen as a spineless capitulation to political pressure, the firing was roundly denounced, see here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The Chancellor then apparently had a change of heart and renewed the offer, which Chemerinsky then accepted, again. Above the Law: Breaking: Erwin Chemerinsky to UC Irvine After All!. Proving that you can do the right thing and still manage to look bad.

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