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Even Judges Get Graded?

It never ends does it? You start off with stars and stickers on your grade school quizzes, graduate to variations on the ‘satisfactories’, check, check minus, check plus and such, then on to alphabet soup of high school and finally the 4 point scale of higher education. Once upon a time a person could graduate, pass the bar and enter a blissful standard-evaluation-free existence. But lo, Avvo surveyed the lawyer landscape and said what these people need are ratings. Escape to the judiciary? Not even there, the Houston Bar Association just released it’s 2009 Judicial Evaluation. As Mary Flood noted, among the elected judiciary no news is good news and all publicity is bad publicity. Something to look forward to.

Sign of the Times: “My whole practice is sitting on a 2-inch thumbdrive.”

National Law Journal has a remarkable story of a lawyer getting a deal done in the worst of circumstances in Heller Ehrman Vet Closes $3 Billion Deal Despite Firm Closure. My favorite line:

Outside of a few boxes of mementos, “my whole practice is sitting on a 2-inch thumbdrive,” Tonsfeldt says. “It holds 15 gigabytes, and I’m sure I didn’t even use a fraction of it.”

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