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HYPO: Who owns the (notes about the case about) the fox?

Posted to Slashdot, A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?

“I found this question with far-reaching implications in the off-topic section of a forum I frequent: ‘My economics teacher is forcing us to give up all of our work for the semester. Every page of notes and paper must be turned over to her to be destroyed to prevent future students from copying it. My binder was in my backpack, and she went into my backpack to take it. Is that legal?’ Besides the issue with private property invasion, which was the trigger of that post, there is much more important question: Can a teacher ask a student not to retain knowledge? How does IP law relate to teaching and sharing knowledge? Whose property are those notes?”

Coming to a courtroom near you?

Kochan Isn’t Crazy

At least not about the cats in Houston. As our visiting Property Prof. Donald Kochan has noted several times in class, cats have overrun certain neighborhoods and thumb their furry noses at our right to exclude. This grey one is a frequent trespasser. I really don’t care if he adversely possesses the alley, but I draw the line at the car.


Is this unexpected boldness some sort of signal? I suspect an uprising.


Evil, evil kitty.

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