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Proceed and Permit Letter

via /.Linden Labs Sends “Permit-and-Proceed” Letter. Take note, Pyrrhic lawyers, victory is in the thickness of your client’s wallet. Are you listening RIAA?

UPDATE: NFL are you taking stupid pills? A church? What, couldn’t find an infringing orphanage? or a puppy to kick?

Judge Posner in Second Life


Judge Richard Posner and I will be kickin’ it in Second Life. Actually, I will be sitting and listening quietly as the Pos expounds on the US Constitution in the era of apocalyptic terrorism.

December 7th, 6-8pm Second Life Time (PST)
Center Auditorium in Kula
To reserve a seat, IM Creative Commons’ Genevieve Junot or e-mail her.

via Boing Boing, New World Notes

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