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Carl Icahn reminisces about Tort King Lawyer Joe Jamail, Texaco-Pennzoil case

Via Houston’s Clear Thinkers, “Corporate Raider Carl Icahn caught on video at Caroline’s Comedy Club in Manhattan talking about the Texaco/Getty Oil Lawsuit.” Icahn’s Joe Jamail impression is worth the price of admission.

Texas Man Successfully Asserts Necessity Defense in Medical Marijuana Possession Case

From Reason Magazine, via Boing Boing, comes the interesting news that…

Tim Stevens, a 53-year-old Amarillo man who smokes marijuana to relieve the cyclical vomiting syndrome associated with HIV infection, used a necessity defense to win an acquittal on a possession charge.

A little Ragazzo-esque voice in Bennett’s head demands “What’s your authority for that?” to which he answers – Texas Penal Code Section 9.22.

Texas Bar YouTube Video Contest Wraps Up

As I noted previously in State Bar of Texas, Texans on Justice Video Contest, the Texas State Bar sponsored an interesting YouTube video contest with a $2,500 grand prize. Eleven entries were submitted by the deadline. Here are a few of my favorites.

YouTube: Texans on Justice

State Bar of Texas, Texans on Justice Video Contest

State Bar of Texas: Lone Star Stories: Texans on Justice

Who are you and what have you done with the State Bar of Texas? Let’s just say this fit of tech-savvy-ness is um… uncharacteristic, at least of the smoke-filled basement of the capitol building in Austin that I always imagine when I think about the State Bar of Texas. I can only assume that one of the interns has locked herself in the control room and no one can find the keys. Upload a video and post it to the contest page by Dec. 15, 2007 and you could win $2500 cash and an all expenses trip to ….. well, Grapevine, but still, $2,500.

Lise Olsen delves into story behind Judge Kent’s reprimand and transfer

Houston Chronicle investigative reporter Lise Olsen, who made a name for herself reporting on the case of Ruben Cantu, has turned her sights on Federal District Judge Sam Kent in an in-depth article – How far did this federal judge go?

The reprimand issued by the 5th Circuit judicial council which placed Kent on paid leave and transferred him from Galveston to Houston was serious enough to pique speculation but left the details up to the legal community’s very capable imagination. Olsen reveals serious allegations indeed, centering on sexual harassment of court employees.

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