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2008 James Hippard Sr. Open Mock Trial Competition

2008 James Hippard Sr. Open Mock Trial Competition

I choked on my coffee when I saw this photo of these jokers on the law school’s home page yesterday. Although it’s a bit difficult to write this with a straight face, congratulations are due some of my old section-mates, Chris Domingo and Rob Jackson, for winning the 2008 James Hippard Sr. Open Mock Trial Competition at UHLC. The prize for these competitions is principally bragging rights, but those bragging rights are bitterly contested and much cherished. Congratulations fellas.

When the smoke and dust cleared from the Law Center’s largest intramural mock trial competition, two students stood as champions. Chris Domingo (left) and Robert Jackson earned top honors in the 2008 James Hippard Sr. Open Mock Trial Competition after facing off against Donald Crump and Chris Halgren in the finals. The Honorable Keith P. Ellison of the Southern District of Texas and Law Center Prof. Brent Newton presided over the last round of the tournament, which attracted a crowd of more than 100 students. Congratulations to Chris and Rob – and to all competitors and judges who made the 2008 Hippard tournament a fun and memorable experience.

Law School Faculty Couples

The National Law Journal’s Law Schools Hiring Faculty Couples featured University of Houston Law Center Professors Joan Krause and Richard Saver as an example of law professor couples that come as package deals.

Although it’s by no means a secret, I had no idea they were married for the longest time as they don’t share the same last name. I thought I had stumbled onto a bit of law school romance when my girlfriend and I ran into Profs. Saver and Krause at a local restaurant; my girlfriend clued me in before I had a chance to embarrass myself.

Prof. Chase Leaves Fed for Obama Campaign

According to news reports UHLC’s own Prof. Anthony Chase has resigned from the Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas in order to become more involved in the Obama campaign. I had the pleasure of taking two courses from Prof. Chase and only hope the campaign doesn’t draw him further afield, unless of course, it’s into the Obama administration.

Asian Law Students Association at the University of Houston Law Center

Asian Law Students Association at the University of Houston Law Center has a great new WordPress-fueled website. This clearly lays down the gauntlet for student org websites. Great job guys.

Good Luck to Those About to Start Law Review Write On Competitions

The Write-On Competition, an annual rite of passage for students seeking membership to academic journals at the University of Houston Law Center, begins this Saturday, July 5th. I wrote on to law review last year and consider the past year worth every agonizing minute of the competition. I’ve already given what scant advice I have to give on the subject in last years posts Law Review Write On and Law Review Write On: For those of you gearing up for the Case Note. I highly recommend Eugene Volokh’s Academic Legal Writing, and if you’d like to borrow my copy, please just e-mail me.

Information on the write on competition is available on the Houston Law Review website. A helpful reference is Prof. Tabor’s annual presentation which is available in powerpoint and video below.

Preparing a Casenote, How Complete Write-On Competition for Law Review/Journals

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